Thursday, 6 June 2013

On the continuous death of football

It was the worst result possible, much worse than any ungraceful 0-0 drawing. If the lethal goal hadn’t arrived just about 3.35 AM, along with the first rays of sun on my window, it wouldn’t have been so terrible. But this Náutico team made me stay awake till that late so to completely frustrate my first go on the Brazilian football here — it should have been about Flamengo and its glories, not its bloody mania of always losing the easiest matches.

The final score was Náutico 1, Flamengo nil, but it could have been worse. In the latter’s borrowed home in Florianópolis, part of their poorly planned tour around the country due to a lack of stadiums in their own hometown, it was clear who entered the pitch to win and who didn’t. While Fla’s disordered attempts to hit the net were stopped by either bad technique or worse decision-making skills, Timbú’s positioning (everyone behind the ball) and very defined purpose (kick the ball away till it eventually enters the goal) proved much more effective.

How it's called "highlights" I surely don't know.

That’s the materialization of the worst contribution to the game from the Germans, this “playing for the result no matter what.” You see, Flamengo delivered a fairly good set of skills in the first half. They made good passes, got a few through balls that should have been better taken by the striker and nearly hit the target once or twice. But then the nearness of the last whistle brought by the final half and the pressure to win imposed by their unforgiving supporters lead them to fall miserably in the opponent’s trap.

What Nautico did was just wait for they prey to get tired. After a major contribution in the form of bad substitutions given by Flamengo’s coach (seems like his specialty), they naturally succumbed. The fatal blow came in the 80th minute and served not only to make sure that the year is going to be tough for the red-and-black side, but also that no matter how beautifully one team might play there’s always going to be a German-like one that will eventually win.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Come. Take my hand. Do you see that hill over there? That's where we're going. You don't have to worry. I won't hurt you. See? I'm not even squeezing your hand. Come on, let's walk. What's your name, dear? You already know mine; I don't hold this kind of information from anyone. I wonder why the scared face. I told you I don't want to mess with you. We must be friends. I have already opened up to you, haven't I? All my life has been handed over to you. All those letters, calls, messages. I even dream of you! Almost every night, to be honest. And yet this is the first time we've touched. So soft, your hand. May I embrace you? No? Too soon. Right. We'll take our time; get to know each other and stuff. I know it's a process. I have, as I said before, dreamed of this meeting for a long time. Sometimes I tought I had met you, but it was someone else. Someone very like you, but maybe not so warm and cozy and helpful. It's complicated. I hope we never part, you know? It is a commitment -- I'm aware of that. But still. I'm old enough. I am prepared, I swear. On the bible. Come on, we're close now. Once we get there, you'll see, things are going to be much easier. Just don't let go my hand. I might try, out of insecurity, but you don't leave. Please. I'm pretty sure this is what I want. I've been thinking about it for a long time. Looking for you ever since. And only now we're here. Thanks for having me. I believe we're gonna be good partners. We're meant to be. I wouldn't know what to do without you. All I've done with my life so far was just to get here, now, this present moment. From now on it's just a matter of improving this relationship. I promise to do my best. But you need to help me, you know? You've been there before. For me it's the first time. You have known the world, done all that there is. I'm just starting. I'll go far, I'm sure. I am willing, ready for everything, eager to face the difficulties, hoping for the storm. I know that once it's finished we're alright. Look, here's the hill. It's you last chance. It's my last chance. Now or never -- are you ready?